What you'll learn...

  • How to assess and understand the decision-making structure within your organisation
  • An understanding of consent-based approaches and 'advice processes'
  • New facilitation techniques for participatory decision-making

Any organisation, with or without a conventional hierarchy, has to decide how to make decisions. Participation is pivotal: the more opportunities people have to be involved in decisions that affect their work, the more accountable and intrinsically motivated they become.

In this workshop you’ll try some of the techniques and methods that can make ‘bossless working’ a reality. Whatever your working structure, you can increase transparency and participation by making clear who has accountability for which decisions, whether delegated, distributed, consent- or consensus-based.

Creating the right environment for participatory decision-making requires a good framework and a little supported practice.

About Kate

Kate is part of Enspiral – a community where she works with maximum autonomy and support. Her work involves what she calls ‘cooperative entrepreneurship’ – focusing on collaboration rather than competition as a way to innovate. Kate will also deliver a talk in the main auditorium.

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