What you'll learn...

  • Gain insight into what the future holds for us under new economic and planetary realities
  • Experience in collaborative proto-typing
  • Understand how think like an artist

Zoë Svendsen is an artist who helps us understand how the developments of the future will affect our lives and experiences. 

In addition to her public research conversation with economist Kate Raworth in the main auditorium throughout the day, Zoë will invite us to participate in an exploration of the human impacts of the changes – economic, technological and climatic – we foresee in our world. Together we’ll collaborate on an installation representing our collective view of the future. 

In culmination during this informal breakout session and using the prototypes gathered and developed over the day, Zoë will  invite participants to select combinations of the ideas to envisage what it might be like to live in a future in which these worlds have become normal.

Presented in association with Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts.

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