What you'll learn

  • How to recognise the factors in our worlds we can influence, and those we cannot
  • How our needs as human beings must be preciously protected
  • How leaders can create the conditions we need to thrive

In turbulent, challenging times, what is the role of the bravest, most purposeful leaders? Meg Wheatley calls upon us to recognise that leaders must acknowledge the challenges that surround us, and use their power and influence to help their colleagues thrive.

Author of several influential books, Meg Wheatley has become widely recognised as one of the business world’s foremost thinkers on true leadership.

In this workshop, Meg invites you to explore the role you can play in creating environments where the people around you can find sanity, support and the ability to do their best work. You’ll get first-hand access to Meg’s guidance and inspiration, along with the chance to work together in small groups to develop humane approaches to leadership that recognise our needs as human beings in a complicated world.

This session runs in addition to Meg’s talk in the main auditorium.

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