Ynzo will share:

  • the remarkable story of Tony’s Chocolonely
  • a belief in the disruption of a huge industry to achieve positive change
  • what it’s like to work in a company fully driven by purpose and positivity

What can you do when you learn that an entire industry is doing something very wrong? Do you write letters? Form a campaign? Lobby politicians? Or try something different, something surprising, something positive?

Dutch journalist Teun van de Keuken was shocked when he discovered that much of the world’s chocolate production has a hidden association with slavery. He got angry, but then he got creative.

With a focus on humour, love and celebration, Tony’s Chocolonely is not a campaign – it’s a better kind of chocolate company. It’s a growing purpose-driven commercial business – a social enterprise full of people who believe the best way to protest against something wrong is to do something right.

Chocolate ambassador Ynzo van Zanten will explain more about the phenomenon of Tony’s Chocolonely. Beginning with the story of the company’s foundation, Ynzo will share with us the inside details of how it operates fairly and equitably, how it brings joy to its customers and how it’s playing an important part in changing an industry that needs to find its positive place in the world.

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