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Vickie Hawkins

Executive director at Médecins Sans Frontières UK

Vickie will share...

  • an overview of MSF's remarkable work
  • insight into how MSF functions and operates
  • a glimpse of the processes, structures and culture that enable MSF's people

Medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières is known throughout the world for its efforts to bring specialist help to people in parts of the world ravaged by conflict and disaster. Theirs is a tremendous challenge: achieving meaningful outcomes in environments characterised by chaos and disorder.

So how do they do it? How does MSF operate so effectively in volatile settings where governments and other agencies often struggle to cope? And what can we learn from MSF’s operations? Can we too find ways to organise, manage and deliver amid uncertainty and ambiguity?

Vickie Hawkins is executive director of MSF UK. She’ll give us an insight into how the organisation maintains its ability to turn up at short notice and make a real difference – quickly. Drawing from her experiences in China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe, coupled with her recent directorship in the UK, Vickie will help us understand how bold leadership, solid focus and robust ways of working lead to results that truly change people’s lives.

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