Margaret will share...

  • her appreciation of everyone's needs and qualities
  • a challenge to leaders to bring out the people around them
  • a vision of the future where the best kind of leadership will offer a way to thrive amid chaos

Margaret Wheatley writes and teaches about the power and influence we need to invoke to step forward and serve humanity in these troubling times. As things grow darker and more difficult she summons us to reclaim leadership as a noble profession that creates possibility and humaneness in the midst of increasing fear and turmoil by creating ‘Islands of Sanity’.

For more than 40 years Meg has taught, consulted and advised a broad variety of organsiations from the US Army to Girl Scouts. From CEOs and governments to small town councils. From universities to aboriginal villages. All of these organisations wrestle with the same dilemma – how to maintain integrity, motivation and effectiveness as they cope with the relentless upheaval and rapids shifts of today’s world.

From her deep and varied experiences, she has developed an unshakeable conviction that leaders must learn how to inspire people’s inherent generosity, creativity, and need for community. At Meaning, Meg will make her case that, as this world tears us apart, sane leadership on behalf of the human spirit is the only way forward. 

Meg is author of nine books, from the classic ‘Leadership and the New Science’ to her newest book ‘Who Do We Choose To Be? Facing Reality, Claiming Leadership, Restoring Sanity’. She continues to be honoured for her ground-breaking work by many professional associations, universities and organisations worldwide.

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