Kate will share...

  • a look at where we're going wrong with traditional economic thinking
  • an alternative model of how economics should work
  • a vision of a society where we use resources in smarter, fairer ways

Kate Raworth is an economist with a difference. She believes we should look at the lessons of history to help us build new ways to think about 21st century economics. She calls her model Doughnut Economics – proposing that modern economic thinking should be focussed on a circular ‘sweet spot’ that eliminates need and hunger while setting limits on the pursuit of needless growth at any cost.

Kate teaches at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute and has published a book: Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist’. At Meaning, Kate will be interviewed by dramatist and researcher Zoë Svendsen – seeking to uncover a vision of how the world’s challenges look very different when we take a fresh perspective.

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