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Real Citizenship in the Digital Era

What is our role as consumers in a better society?

17 November

9:00AM - 12:00PM

PLATF9RM, Floor 5, Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton. BN1 1YR

Innovative businesses and organisations understand our need to move beyond being passive receivers of products and services into being active citizens, involved in shaping what we receive, and influencing how we receive it. They are using technology to partner with us as employees, customers, patients and students.

Join Kevin and Christina from Social Facilitators to explore what these imaginative, creative service providers are doing and how they are: Building and hosting communities of citizens, who are motivated and are able to actively participate in improving and developing the hospitals, schools, businesses, organisations and communities which serve them. Facilitating sharing, conversations, activities and decision making which motivate and inspire people to be active citizens within both a virtual and physical space.

This workshop is for consultants, change facilitators and group leaders from all sectors who want to explore how to use technology effectively to create exciting purpose-driven virtual communities which fulfil the needs of the individuals and deliver real meaning and value back into the community or organisation that owns the virtual space.

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