Meaning Fringe events are run by members of the Meaning community with a passion for bringing people together. Last year, there were bike rides, campfires, retreats, sea swims, workshops and pub gatherings.

Though diverse, all Meaning Fringe events are united by a purpose – creating more opportunities for connection, inspiration, challenge, learning, action, joy and fun – around the central theme of better business. Meaning Fringe enables us to make the most of our time together, learning and collaborating with like minds.

  • Choose any day and time during the week of 12-18 November.
  • Decide whether your event will be free, or will have a charge for tickets.
  • You’ll need to handle logistics and ticketing.
  • Choose an appropriate venue. There are many rooms, halls and pubs for loan or hire in central Brighton, though your event could take place further afield.
  • We’ll help publicise your Meaning Fringe event – with a listing here on the Meaning website, and through our mailer and social media channels.

To propose your event, simply fill in this form as soon as you can. We will then work with you and the other event organisers to co-ordinate the Meaning Fringe programme.

Bring on the Fringe!