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The Meaning After-Party

featuring The Futurenauts - 'Everything is possible’

Thursday 16 November

7:30pm - late

The Nightingale Room, Upstairs at Grand Central, 29-30 Surrey St, Brighton BN1 3PA

Following what is sure to be a brain-stretching intellectual rollercoaster of a day, welcome to the Meaning After-Party – an evening of comedy, fun and letting your hair down.

The entertainment will be provided by none other than Meaning 2017’s host Mark Stevenson and his partner in hilarity the sustainability guru Ed Gillespie. Together they are The Futurenauts. Join them for this interactive cabaret show as they wrestle with life’s biggest questions…

Is your future one full of pant-filling fear? Or are you an eternally glass half-full optimist? Do you lie awake at night in a cold sweat of trepidation about what tomorrow might bring? Or are you bouncing up and down on the bed in sleepless excitement of what’s to come? With Donald Trump as US President, tearing through climate and environmental institutions with reckless abandon, is this the end of days? Or is there a warm flicker of fiery future hope from the dismally damp blanket of now? Who’s got the power today? How might that change?

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